Upcycling and Craft Workshop in London- Customize Your Own Turban or Beret with Lucy February

Would you like to learn how to customize? To take something off the peg or that’s been languishing at the back of your wardrobe and make it into something totally special and of your own making?  I have always loved making unique, covet-able pieces from almost nothing, just some skills and imagination and it’s so much more fun when done in a group – a craft social I call it. I have some really special pieces I’m excited about and would like to share with you, so please look again in the coming weeks and months and I’ll be featuring some of the knitting, upcycling, embroidery and hand applique-ing pieces I’ve been working on. I promise you it will be worth it!

So in the spirit of learning, creativity I have recently set a date this December (the 17th) for an afternoon sewing, craft, upcycling workshop.  Learn some basic stitches and start customizing and embellishing your own amazing turban or beret to take home with you.

If you’d like to know more please take a look at the event page here; https://www.facebook.com/events/421482761308780/

About me, Lucy February:

I’m a fashion designer and stylist based in London. After studying for my BA Hons in fashion design at the University of Westminster, I interned with Christopher Kane and Stephen Jones, to name but a couple, before beginning my own line of hand crafted, handmade, often one off bespoke pieces of women’s wear and accessories.

I’m passionate about hand making and upcycling things to make them unique/to tell their own story and not throwing our oddments out on the heap but putting them to new life. I love painting over things, crude and fine embroidery, couture applique, juxtaposition, trans-mutating trash to glory treasure, sewing old vintage things into or onto new luxury like a kind of couture inspired and lovely chimera.
If you can’t bear to be seen in something everyone else has but lack the resources, come to me and we will outwit them all ha ha!:)



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