The Full Photo Shoot

Photographer – Kati kriiva

MUAH – Xenab Lone Jamil

Model – Marian Metsis

Set Design – Sadie Haque

All Designs and Styling – Lucy February

(Shoes stylists own)

  • The Cresta up cycled Mom jeans
  • Hand appliqued screenprinted Angel motif and linen and silk organza Fenella midi dress
  • The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Trench Coat; a hand stitched, embroidered and embellished repurposed 1970’s trench coat.
  • The Aurora Armour dress. Hand stitched and embellished repurposed embellishments and laser cut vintage dead stock cloth on a custom made knitted wire dress.
  • The Candy sweater is knitted by hand in disco candy colour in merino, cotton, plastic and mixed yarns.
  • Random Catharsis; a customised/repurposed bomber jacket with repurposed embellishments and digital print of one of my collages and hand stitched embroidery
  • Misused Lollipop dress; a hand painted and embroidered dress in caico, acrylic and mixed yarns and plastic embellishments.
  • Angel up cycled appliqué culotte jeans; a pair of dead stock upcycled jeans with hand stitched copper metallic screen printed angel motifs.
  • Golden Amber customised/repurposed bomber jacket.

Young Bess Bargello Needlepoint Choker: The Young Bess Choker is a made to order fully lined handstitched and handmade with candy colours of pure cotton and wool floss, trimmed with iridescent lace and tying at the back ribbon.

Most of these pieces are available on the Shop page of my website;

but if there’s something you’d like or see not for sale get in touch on the Contact page on the menu about having a bespoke piece made for you.

72950022 copy72950026 copy.jpg

IMG_0101 copy

IMG_0104 copy.jpg72950030 copy.jpg72950027 copy.jpg

IMG_0187 copyIMG_0201 copy 2IMG_0249 copyIMG_0266 copyIMG_0272 copyIMG_0285 copyIMG_0307 copyIMG_0347 copy.jpgIMG_0332 copy.jpg72950013 copy.jpgIMG_0312 copy-1.jpgIMG_0309 copy.jpgIMG_0316 copy.jpgIMG_0293 copy-1.jpgIMG_0268 copy.jpgIMG_0245 copy.jpgIMG_0140 copy.jpgIMG_0148 copy.jpgIMG_0135 copy.jpgIMG_0125 copy.jpgIMG_0118 copy.jpg72950036 copy.jpg

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