Budget Beauty – 2 : Green Smoothies


Nothing says beauty as much as glowing skin, lustrous hair and eyes, it’s the ultimate beauty tool and you don’t need a £400 cream to get it.

Like it or not, you are what you eat, health writer and raw food pioneer Leslie Kenton once put it as ” If you eat tea and biscuits, you’ll have a tea and biscuits body” which is a good thing to think of when you are feeling tempted too often by junk food. Leslie Kenton has some wonderful books on a quasi scientific level demonstrating the proven benefits of the raw food lifestyle and a huge resource of recipes. I’ve been reading them since I was 19, but I have to admit I don’t follow them as strictly as I ought to, as fond as I am of fish and chips and a cigarette or two.

Raw food has really spread since Leslie first started writing her series of books in the 1980’s. LA based nutrisionist and writer of the best selling Beauty Detox Bible, Kim Snyder, has developed a small army of fans, but it’s one tenet of her diet philosophy which really grabs me and that’s her Glowing Green Smoothie. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is a large green leaf, vegetable and fruit based smoothie taken as breakfast. It tastes better than it looks and for those of you who baulk at the idea of chugging away at all this green stuff, you might change your mind when you reap the health and beauty benefits; it really does make your skin glow.

Not being a morning person I find it a really handy breakfast on the go if you prepare it batch by batch in a liquidiser and then keep them all airtight and ready to go in your fridge, nothing could be easier, healithier or cheaper, or deliver more results.

Sometimes when I’m pushed for time and haven’t had a chance to whip a smoothie up, I take a heaped desert spoon or two of powdered spirulina and wheatgrass (you can chose your own favourite powdered greens) and a heaped spoon of decimated flax seeds/goji berries, wheatgerm; I mix this up with some pure water and make an ‘instant’ smoothie.

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