Home Sweet Home


There’s nothing better than mismatched objects for filling the home with joy in my book. While a gorgeous dining set of corresponding pieces is certainly fabulous, I personally love to pick up individual pieces, which tie into the theme, (the theme being my taste, which is usually textural or printed and nearly always excessive). Also I think it’s fun to find a collection piece by piece in special places or receive them as special gifts, like this plate was;IMG_1043

Most of my decor collection is still in storage (the price of being a student for years) and I can’t wait to get out all my crockery, porcelain, fancy pants glasses and all the fun nonsense I call home.

The fork and fish knife are vintage and the glass (just seen) is cranberry ware. The hand printed cotton was made in Esfahan and was also a gift šŸ™‚


There’s nothing camper to decorate your home and your nostrils with than vintage perfumes. 2 of these 3 I found are from Avon and are pungent and camp, the other, Madame Vogue, is some kind of Dior Poison copy from the 1980’s.




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