Alexandra Groover: Rebirth

In rainy Hoxton, London based designer Alexandra Groover showed her 10th collection of black creatively cut jersey.

Whenever I think of her work (or am trying to describe the general style to people easily) I always think of Ingmar Bergman and Death on the beach – to me it is work created for Death or his friends to wear in black and white vision living their lives abstracted from regular human thoughts or timescales, tripping in and out of our world as they go. I always love clothes which stir your imagination and create a story or world of their own for you to feel or imagine when you wear or see them.

This collection fitted in with her signature style and closeness to performance art (as close as fashion can get anyway). After completing 4 great short films for her collection in past seasons, this time Groover collaborated with Christos Fanaras and Mark Wagner for the music and choreography by Christopher Matthews for what might be called dance or performance art of Rebirth with the character models wearing the new collection.  The collection, this time, was inspired by the quote ‘omnia mutantur nihil interit’ – everything changes, nothing perishes from Ovid’s poem Metamorphoses.

I enjoyed the atmospheric music and performance and the make up and the jewellery collaboration with Jane Groover. I would of liked to see the performance repeated or a bit longer ,as a delayed start and the surge of numbers come to see the new collection rather demanded more than 5 minutes of showing and a few of us were confused as to when it had actually ended. But I really look forward to seeing the video of the performance which will be online soon.IMG_0991








I wore;



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