Beauty Review: Dr Organic

I’ve been using some of Dr Organics bio active skincare products since they first came to my notice a few years ago. Many of their products contain a majority of pure aloe vera as their main ingredient, and more and more people believe that natural recipes contain more goodness for our skin than chemicals could. I don’t think they can’t be far wrong; when doctors were trying to help cases of severe malnutrition created by the concentration camps of the Second World War, some patients were given topical applications of vitamin mixtures which seeped straight through into their bloodstream.

Well, there are a number of pure and natural companies with great products, such as L’Occitaine, Cow Shed and Neal’s Yard. But I guess Dr Organics USP is the Aloe content, the budget friendly prices (practically all the products are less than £10 for a very decent amount of product) and it’s UK hight street availability (it is stocked by Holland and Barrett).

I would highly recommend any of their products.179





One thought on “Beauty Review: Dr Organic

  1. Very cool! The royal jelly skin lotion looks interesting!! I am into Olio Luxe right now. All handmade/homemade ingredients using all natural products made in small batches. The skin absorbs everything, so it makes sense to use healthy ingredients ❤

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