Angel Jackson S/S13

Creative luxury label Angel Jackson, the only accessories brand ever short listed for the coveted and esteemed Designer Fashion Fund, comes at Spring/Summer 2013 with colourful Statement designs, which leave an impact.

I’d take a Statement bag over an It bag any day. An overly brand orientated bag kills the creativity of the design and only the monetary value counts as anything to most of people who buy into it. But a Statement bag, is something you chose because (the theory is) your discerning or bold taste took it’s worth out of the context of whether it’s an expensive status tool or a shouty brand to hide behind.

Design siblings Angel Jackson have a beautiful collection this season, wonderfully photographed by Sarah Piantadosi and the model, Grace Bol, just looks sensational – I would LoveLoveLove to have a collection of mine modelled by Grace and Codie Young (scroll down to the previous post to see her)..ah! I can hope…. AJ_2_SHOT_09_072






Another great thing, is that the designs are ethically produced by their team in Bali, bringing luxurious craftsmanship hand in hand with an ethical work environment – as hard as it can prove to be I am always over the moon to hear of designers focusing on the welfare of factory worker/craftsmen.


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