Cherries in the Snow – Prelude

Revlon created the 1st ever red nail enamel, called Cherries in the Snow in the 1932, subsequently creating a matching lipstick, changing make-up/beauty history forever.  Dare I say, changing the world a little too.

The Colour of Glamour: 80 Years of Revlon is an exhibition to celebrate Revlon’s key moments. It begins on the 29th November. Fashion Film Director and Photographer Nicola St. Marc has made a film on the theme of Cherries in the Snow, happily I was the fashion stylist for the film and here are some backstage snaps as a prelude to the film’s release online;

Claudia – lovely model

The silk and wool dress is by Alexandra Groover. It made me think of 1930’s bias cut and ‘futuristic’ style which is, I think, perfect for the theme of bringing a 1930’s product into the Now and beyond,

I think the film is set to be very beautiful and I can’t wait to see it……..


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