Powder Puffs

In as much as the texture of food greatly affects the taste of it, what you use to apply make up is just as important as the quality/brand of the cosmetic. And once you have a beautiful base, you can take your make up look to any place, natural or extreme.

I found this swansdown powder puff wand, nearly new and (vital to vintage purchases) fresh. I think it is from the 1950’s;

Almost as good as new, a happy find.

This got me thinking about swansdown puffs. They are available brand new for about Ā£30 and are purportedly a great buy for light dewy application of loose powder.

But then I can’t resist the charm of some of the vintage ones I have seen, for their quirkyness, perhaps just for decoration.



This one is available from etsy




4 thoughts on “Powder Puffs

    1. Alas, only the 1st pictures are of my one and only powder puff wand, the rest are vintage ones I found researching. Who knows, perhaps one day I will have a larger collection of kitsch ceramics puffs, rather than just the one!
      Warm Wishes, Lucy.

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