Style Fever Heroine: Lene Lovich

Ever since I was 14 or 15 Lene Lovich has been one of those few special ladies, who struck a chord for me, with their style and creativity.

I always love a lady who looks crazy enough to be her own leader, but not so crazy that she will hide bread in your socks. This kind of woman has always appealed to me, I guess it’s the fusion of autonomy and glamour which is irresistable, plus a splash of the unknown.


Lene was definitely a big inspiration for my graduate collection this year, as is her video Birdsong – which is also one of my all time very favourite songs, ever.


2 thoughts on “Style Fever Heroine: Lene Lovich

  1. “Bird Song” is also my very favorite Lene Lovich song. I was beyond excited to buy “Flex” when it was released. The juxtaposition of the ska influence with the Middle European Lovich DNA sounded like nothing before it since.

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