PURE London; Alice Takes a Trip

Amidst a sea of commercial niceties and frumpy retch making outfits, Pure had a few lovely, but highly sellable designs and stands.

Alice Takes a Trip’s little stand caught my eye as soon as I saw the bats sweatshirt with lacey collar;

Normally a sweatshirt would bring me out in a cold sweat, and generally I’d sooner burn one than wear it. But Alice Takes a Trip has screwed with my hatred for sweatshirts, cotton tee shirts; from being something to laugh at or cut up with rusty scissors, their take on sweats and tees gets me all a flutter with desire to wear them! I found myself imagining teaming them up with extra long fitted black pencil skirts or something fabulous and baggy below, for busy days; an activity outfit.

The Stand at Pure


Alice Takes a Trip is also on ASOS marketplace.