Creme de la creme?

Quality vs. Luxury

Creme de la Mer is one of those cult luxury beauty products, on the shelves of many famous beauties, retailing at something like £160 for 100ml with it’s russian doll like layers of packaging to compact it’s aura of potency.

But I would argue that it isn’t much more than an aura, a marketing thrill for beauty addicts (with money to burn). I was interested in the product and the nice ladies at the counter of the department store would explain method of heating it up and palming it onto your face and all the back story of the Nasa scientist and his skin saving Miracle Broth (made from bio fermented algae).

But then I was disgusted and appalled to find out that the second and third largest ingredients were; mineral oil (that’s baby oil) and petrolatum (that’s vaseline). Not only are these products exceedingly cheap petrochemical products, but they form a layer on the skin and are not absorbed in to the dermis. So as well as being dubiously non environmental (petrolatum comes from crude oil and is not a renewable resource) you are potentially blocking your pores and getting spots (that’s certainly what this product gave me when I tested it!)

I think it’s fine to pay a lot or a little for a good, developed product, but I think it just requires some savvy research and questions into the quality of what you are really getting. I would much prefer to buy cream from Balance Me, Dr. Organic, Kiehls or Neals Yard as they seem to contain a lot of real ingredients in them and don’t rely on branding.

But if you’re set on having an algae boost a bit similar to Creme de la Mer’s algae content, then try the Lacura brand has an Aqua-Complete Multi Intensive Serum which has Marine Extracts (chlorella, so far as I can tell) and for a less than £5 – only it’s stocked in Aldi.  But whilst in that supermarket, you could also pick up the award winning Wrinkle Stop which contains synthetic snake venom which is also the key ingredient to a several luxury beauty products.

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