For the Love of Fifi

Famous Parisian lingerie designer Fifi Chachnil, held a private view of the multi media artist Charles Serruya’s wire sculptures in her music box of a boutique in Knightsbridge last night.

It was a tight squeeze and full, despite the horrendous rain which poured incessantly, blah and the sculptures looked so at home with Fifi’s world.

My lovely friend Charlene and I took time to marvel at the detailing in the underwear; it was all so delicate, perfect and with attention to detail in the garters and straps, which was exemplary. The Meyer Dancers came down at intervals, giving sensual go-go dances in different sets of lingerie, which was very enjoyable.

I wore a vintage Biba dress, vintage sheer gloves and a large lace and sinamay hat I made whilst learning millinery – which due to the poor weather I ended up swapping with a petite butterfly hat, which fitted better under my umbrella! 


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